Celebrating 11 Years of Partnership


Celebrating 11 Years of Partnership between Nexus Australia and KWT Taiwan! The Complete Bottling Line Solutions for the Australian Market!

The KWT-101A bottle unscrambler is designed to handle a wide range of plastic bottles. All mechanical adjustments are equipped with numeric counter for easy and repeatable changes. It is the perfect labor-saving equipment, no longer are employees required to manually sort bottles and stand them upright on a conveyor.

Randomly priented bottles are received in bulk by the hopper and supplied to the centrifugal disc, the bottles are directed into the proper position suitable for the stand-up unit to process them into the required discharge position, bottles are stood upright before reaching the filling line.
Main Features
-Capable of handling cylinders, squares and rectangles.
-PLC controlled with touch screen panel, easy access to all settings.
-Fast and easy format changes.
-Stainless steel and plastic for bottle contacts.
-Capacity: Up to 80 BPM
-All of the motor speed settings, machinefeature selections and timimg settings are
-accessible through the operator's HMI panel.

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