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NX-SP1 Stick Pack Form Fill and Seal


Product Details:

Stick Pack Filling Sealing Packing Machine

APPLICATIONS: powder products, flour, ground coffee, cocoa powder, coffee powder, granulated  medicines, spices, soup mixes etc.

The machine is designed for stick packages and with the servo control auger filling system.It is suitable for the stick pack coffee powder, milke tea powder, creamer, green tea powder or granular products like sugar, salt and so on.


◆ User friendly touch screen - simple operating steps.

◆ Auger filler and all product contact surfaces are stainless steel construction. 

◆ Servo motor control for easy length adjustment.

◆ Servo control auger filling.

◆ PLC programmable logic control system - to allow intergration with additional facilities add-ons or other equipment.

◆ Auto correction photocell to provide accurate print registration to prevent defected packaging.

◆ Self diagnostic functions - error and malfuntion displays.

◆ Micro computer temperature control to provide quality sealing.

◆ Multi languages selections: English/Chinese.