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NX-R28 Vertical Form Fill and Seal Machine for Liquid

NX-R28 Vertical Form-Fill-Seal Machine for Liquid

Product Details:
Model    : NX-R28 
Bag Shape   : 3 side sealing 
Film Width Range  : 50 mm -160 mm 
Bag Width Range  : 25 mm - 80 mm 
Bag Length Range  : 50 mm - 120 mm 
Packing speed  : 30 - 50 bags per minutes. (Speed depends on bag length /Product) 
Volume range  : 2 – 30 ml. 
Hopper capacity  : 20 Liter (liquid contact parts in stainless steel SUS 316) 
Power source  : AC 240 Volts, 50Hz , Single Phase 
Power consumption : 1.35KW 
Machine dimensions : (L) 1000 (W) 600 (H) 1750 mm 
Machine weight  : 300 KGS 
- Servo Drive Rotary Lobe Pump for honey or sticky flow products.
- Touch Screen Controller, PLC Control System, Programmable Batch Production.
- One set of bags former for bag size (W) 25 x (L) 120 mm.
- Germany photocell sensor (SICK brand, KT-5W) for accurate control of bag length.
- Convenient, fast adjustment to suit various bag lengths.
- This machine is ideal for packaging various liquid products.
- Japanese thermostat for fast heating and superior performance.
- The parts through which liquid flow are manufactured from stainless steel.
- Accurate volume filling achieved by Servo Drive Rotary Gear Pump.
- Liquid contact parts in stainless steel SUS 316.
- Stainless steel liquid hopper 20 Liter, liquid contact parts in SUS 316. - Built with anti-drip device to prevent contamination by sticky flow of material.
- Production quantity counter.
- Easy tearing notch.