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NX-200GT Nexus Spiral Pump Filler


Product Details:
NX-200GN For filling none, low & medium viscosity/density liquid and liquid containing Granules

* Electrical Power: 500W / 240V / 50Hz / 1Phase
* Filling Range : 25ml~5000ml/per filling
* Filling Speed : Max 170cc/sec and adjusted by digital control box
* Filling Accuracy: ±2% (also depends on the property of products)
* Structure and contact parts: SS304 *Granularity permitted: Max 6mm
* Resists high temperature products up to 150℃
* Hopper: 45Liter *1050(L) x 660(W) x 1180cm(H)
* Air-Compressor: 2HP (prepared by user)