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Nexus - Fully Automatic KWT860R 6 Heads Rotary Pump In-line Filling Machine

Nexus - Fully Automatic KWT860R 6 Heads Rotary Pump In-line Filling Machine

Product Details:
(1)        Bottle Inlet / Outlet Conveyor :
            - Machine main construction by stainless steel with level feet pads and casters.
            - Thermoplastic table-top slat chains (REXNORD brand).
            - Stainless steel construction conveyor frame and adjustable bottle guide rails.
            - Conveyor Width: 152mm
            - Variable speed AC Motor (Siemens brand).
            (2)        Filling Station :
            - Six (6) sets of positive shut-off filling nozzle
            - Each filling pump driven by a variable speed AC motor individually.
            - Diving type filling nozzle, reduce the spillage of liquid, cleaner operation.
            - Filling nozzle up & down action is driven by a huge solenoid valve.
            - Stainless steel drip tray to keep liquid from spilling onto the clean bottles.
            - Pneumatic cylinder bottle gates for inlet & outlet bottle.
            - Photocell sensors (Germany SICK brand).
            (3)        Control System :
             - Mitsubishi PLC Control System.
             - On/off switch, start button, Emergency stop button.
             - Up to 50 job set-ups can be stored in memory for easy recall.
             - Human Machinery Interface touch screen (PROFACE brand).
             - Two different filling speed mode (fast or slow) setting to choose from.
             - Filling nozzles can be set at the same level or can be switch to diving filling mold.
(4)        Liquid Buffer Tank :
   - Stainless Steel main frame.
   - Liquid feeding pump is not included.
   - Capacity: 100L
   - Liquid level detector.
  (5)        Technical Data :
   - Filling speed adjustment: Variable speed motor with inverter.
   - No bottle No filing.
   - Power source        : 415V, 50Hz, 3 Phase
1.2   Liquid Feeding Pump (3 HP): -
                    - AC Motor Rotary lobe pump, liquid contact parts in stainless steel SUS 316.
                    - Stainless steel cover for pump and feet pads.
                     - Function (on/off) through HMI
1.3         Liquid Contact Parts upgraded to SS # 316:
                        - All liquid contact parts upgraded d to stainless steel # 316.
                        - Including: Manifold, pipe, filling nozzle & Feeding Pump.
1.4      Safety Guard AS4024.1:
                    - Hygienic and anti-accident lateral acrylic cabinet safety guard. 
  Safety guard is made in stainless steel frame base structure and acrylic panel.
1.5      Nozzle Servo Driven Platform Up & Down:
Nozzle Up & Down Action by Servo Motor:
                    - Filling nozzle up & down action driven by a Servo Motor
                    - The filling nozzle position for different bottle height can be stored into 50 jobs
                    memory for easy recall.  It can shorten the working time for change-over and
                    prevent making mistake for the filling nozzle height adjustment by operator.