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Nexus - 800 - 3VB High Speed 3 Servo Flow Wrapping Machine

Nexus - 800 - 3VB High Speed 3 Servo Flow Wrapping Machine

Product Details:
Nexus HP-800-3VB High Speed Flow Wrapper MACHINE SPECIFICATION:
  1.         PLC Control with an 8.4 inches human/machine interface Colour Monitor. 

  2.         3 Axis servo driving system incl. end seal unit, film transportation and feeding chain are driven by Servo motors independently. 

  3.         Accurate Digital Set bag length controlled by the independent servo motor for easy operation, high precision tracing control. 

  4.         50 sets of the recipe for easy production changeover. 

  5.         Troubleshooting instruction function. Smart control system features self-diagnostic function. 

  6.         Self-Centering width adjustment for in-feeding conveyer and the film reel.
  7.         Adjustable Bag Former (Range of 100 mm) 

8.         No Product No Wrapping (Feeding Conveyor Running) with SICK photocell precision sensing.  

9.         The machine stops automatically when the film runs out. 

10.       Four sets of temperature controllers. 

11.       The fin sealing wheels and the sealing jaws release automatically, when the machine stops. 

12.       Carbon Steel Frame; All products contacted areas are stainless steel. 

13.       2.4M length in feeding conveyor with tape chain to smooth pushing over the bulk products. 

14.       Overload sensing function for each servo motor prevents cutter, lug, and the other component parts from being damaged in advance. 

15.       Other Features: Safety Covers, Discharge Conveyor, Bag Length Indicator, Speed Indicator, Production Counter, Pre-set Production Cycle Stop.
16.       Film Roll Width of up to 750mm